Dynamic company with cross-border ambitions?

We are your partner in the complex VAT situation!

Dynamic company with cross-border ambitions?

We are your partner in the complex VAT situation!

Our services

VAT identification of foreign companies and tax representation in Belgium

Companies that are not established in Belgium and that carry out taxable activities on Belgian territory for which they must invoice local VAT must identify themselves for VAT purposes at the competent VAT office in Brussels. As soon as they are identified for VAT purposes in Belgium, they must comply with the formalities and declaration obligations, just like Belgian companies. Eneman Belgium BV can assist you with this.

Non-European companies are always obliged to appoint a responsible representative. Eneman Belgium BV can act as a liable representative.

VAT identification of Belgian companies and tax representation abroad

Companies established in Belgium that carry out taxable activities abroad for which they have to invoice the local VAT have no choice but to identify themselves with the local competent authorities for VAT purposes. As soon as Belgian companies have been identified abroad for VAT purposes, they must comply with the formalities and declaration obligations of the country concerned. Here too, Eneman Belgium BV is the appropriate company to assist you with the formalities to be carried out in the context of taxable transactions.

Recovery of foreign VAT / Recovery of excise duties on diesel

Reclaiming VAT paid abroad and excise duties on diesel is a complicated and time-consuming task. Tax rules apply which are interpreted differently per EU country and refund applications must be submitted error-free using the correct forms. Eneman Belgium BV has all the necessary resources and expertise to arrange this for you.

Our strengths in your favor

Specialists in the field

Due to our knowledge of specific procedures and regulations concerning the VAT obligations in the EU and the recovery of VAT and excise duties, you can consider us a reliable partner and we will handle your VAT returns and refund requests in a correct and fast manner.

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Multilingual employees

Our international language skills mean an important added value in correspondence with foreign VAT authorities.

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Professionalism and personal approach

these values form part of our corporate culture and are an important added value for our customers.

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Clear and transparent provision of information

As a customer, you are always informed by means of a detailed report about the VAT returns submitted in your name and requests for refund of VAT and excise duties.

The advantage of outsourcing

Outsourcing the work related to your foreign VAT obligations and the recovery of VAT and excise duties means significant cost savings for you. Moreover, you avoid a labour-intensive administrative burden, which means that your administration can focus on your own business activities.

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Improving your cash flow

The refund of your foreign VAT paid positively influences your cash situation and ultimately your operating result.

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You pay a fair price for our quality service

About Eneman Belgium BV

Eneman Belgium BV has existed for more than 25 years and has specialized in the niche market of foreign VAT:

• the recovery of foreign VAT for a significant number of Belgian and European companies,
• taking care of the partial refund of excise duties,
• assisting with VAT registration and with the VAT obligations of its customers abroad.

Our mission is to independently help companies, from large to small, in the complex VAT process. We are happy to make our many years of experience and know-how available.


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